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How to Make Your YouTube Channel Look More Professional

How to Make Your YouTube Channel Look More Professional

How to Make Your YouTube Channel Look More ProfessionalEvery YouTube channel needs to look professional to gain attention and followers. Professionalism is the key to success in any business. There are several ways you can do this to make your YouTube channel stand out from other channels.

If you're looking to make your YouTube channel look like it's professional, don't worry. There are many things that can be changed for free! Take a look at these three quick ways you can make your YouTube channel look more professional.

It is very important for any YouTuber to have a professional looking channel. There are many ways they can do so. A couple of the most popular include using overlays and changing their thumbnail.
A lot of people know about the overlays, but they don't know how to use them correctly. They usually just put it over the top of their video, but that doesn't look professional at all.

Google's video-sharing channel, which is controlled by the company, is attempting to become more integrated with social media in general and Google+ in particular. YouTube Channel customization is now more crucial than ever, as is making the most of the SEO advantages that the site offers to your business.

YouTube's current revamp has prompted headlines such as “The Death of YouTube,” but I believe that rumors of the site's extinction are much too soon. YouTube is the third most visited website on the globe, behind Google and Facebook. YouTube's revamp has resulted in a more organized appearance.

How to make the new design more personal on your YouTube Channel (in English)

To make changes to the channel, you must first choose one of the two Edit buttons that will appear on the channel's home page. The “Edit Channel” button at the top of the screen will enable you to choose an Avatar and a background picture. All that is required for your Avatar is a square picture of yourself that is attractive.

In addition to the Appearance tab, there are two other tabs in the Edit Channel settings, which are labeled “Info and Settings” and “Featured Tab,” respectively.
I picked the “Blogger” style for the “Featured Tab” since it is the most visible.

In the “Info and Settings” tab, I selected the Featured Tab as my Default Tab, ensuring that my most popular video is the first thing people see when they visit my channel website. Subscribers should always be taken to the feed tab, and my channel should be available on YouTube, so check those boxes. Make sure you include relevant keywords in the Title, Description, and Tags areas of your website.

As soon as you are completed, click “Finish Editing.”

The new YouTube Channel sidebar may be customized in a few ways.

The new sidebar is the other element of the channel page that you have the ability to customize. And now there's a ton of possibility to include links with anchor text (even if they're “nofollow” links) in the mix.

To make changes, click on the second “Edit” button. Under the “About… ” title, provide a brief summary of the channel's content. Fill in the blanks with as many links as you can think of (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, your blog, etc.)

You may also include any other YouTube channels that you may own, or you can choose to leave out any additional information, such as your age, from this section.

Connect your YouTube channel to your Google+ profile to make it more visible.

In case you didn't know, YouTube is owned by Google, and the company is making every effort to bring its services as close together as possible. And it is for this reason that creating a Google account (if you do not already have one) is highly recommended.

If you already have a Google account, you may use it to sign up for a Google+ account as well. As a result, make certain that your Google+ profile is properly filled out.

Make sure to connect your YouTube channel to your Google+ profile by copying the URL into the channel sidebar while modifying the channel. Once this is completed, Google will recognize that your YouTube channel is associated with your blog and will assign the same authority to both. This is especially useful if you've had a website for a long time but haven't done anything with your YouTube channel in that time.