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Combining Twitter and Facebook is a Simple Process

Combining Twitter and Facebook is a Simple Process

Combining Twitter and Facebook is a Simple ProcessSocial media are websites that are specifically designed to promote the connections between individuals. These sites are free to join and allow you to reach out to virtually anyone in your network with a few clicks or taps on your phone. Social media is used by people of all ages throughout the world for personal, professional, and entertainment purposes. A recent survey has found that more than 75% of online adults in the US use at least one social networking site-Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Facebook and Twitter can be used in conjunction with one another to create an interactive experience on the internet. At first, there might be some apprehension on how to use both of these platforms on the internet, but it is simply a matter of following the instructions below.

First, log into Facebook or Twitter by inserting your email address or username and password. Log into the desired account and then click “Add Friends” which will take you to your friends list.

It is vital to understand how to successfully integrate Twitter and Facebook in order to develop an effective social media marketing plan.

As a starting point, we'll suppose you have just one Twitter account and one Facebook page dedicated to your company. This will get significantly more complicated if you assume anything else. Perhaps your company operates a neighborhood restaurant that specializes in handmade ice cream and spaghetti.

Let's also presume that you don't have a website at this point in time. You understand, however, that it is critical to maintain communication with your devoted followers as well as to engage with prospective new clients.

You create a Facebook page that contains code for an optin box for receiving emails. The email optin box is managed by an internet service that saves your information and makes it simple for you to send emails to everyone in your list. If you've just finished making a batch of a new ice cream flavor, for example, you may send out an email announcing it, possibly with a coupon for a half-price cone attached to it.

You then utilize the link to your Facebook page (as soon as you have enough people who “like” your page, you may receive a personalized URL for it) as the single most popular link on your Twitter profile. Of course, you provide a link to your Twitter account on your Facebook profile.

When using Twitter, you may inform people about your new ice cream flavor and even urge them to sign up for your Facebook page's email optin box in order to get a coupon good for a discount on your ice cream products.

Because you do not yet have a website or a blog, how will you be able to share unique information with your Twitter followers or those who “like” your Facebook page?

The NOTES application on your Facebook page allows you to add anything, including stuff you've written as if it were a blog post, to the NOTES section of your page. As an update to your Facebook page, the beginning of this content in NOTES appears on the wall of your page, with a link to the whole piece in NOTES at the bottom.

If you've configured your Facebook page such that any of your changes is automatically sent to Twitter, the link to the item on your Facebook page's NOTES section will be immediately updated on your Twitter account.

Starting at the opposite end of the spectrum with Twitter, you may utilize to compose the equivalent of a blog post using the microblogging service. The title of this piece of content is automatically converted into a tweet that includes a link to the body of the content. The link to this twitwall content will then be conveyed in an automated update on your Facebook page if you have configured your Twitter account to automatically feed into your Facebook page.

Is it starting to sound a little confusing? That is due to the fact that it is. In reality, while deciding which of your social media activities will automatically feed into which of your other social media activities, you must exercise caution since you do not want a large number of duplicate updates/tweets to appear on your feeds.

As a result, while determining how to combine Twitter and Facebook, pay careful consideration to which of these will serve as your social media marketing headquarters and which will serve as your field offices. Then make the necessary adjustments to your social media marketing approach.