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The Use of Multiple Twitter Streams for Business to Business Communication

The Use of Multiple Twitter Streams for Business to Business Communication

The Use of Multiple Twitter Streams for Business to Business CommunicationThe Debate on Multiple Twitter Streams is now underway.

Today, many businesses are looking to social media as a way for communicating with clients and potential clients. With the rise of social media channels such as Twitter, businesses have been able to share their products and services with a global audience. However, there have been recent studies suggesting that having a single Twitter profile is not enough for a company to reach its full potential. Many companies have found success by using multiple Twitter streams for business-to-business communication.

Businesses often find it useful to maintain two or more Twitter stream feeds, one for general business-related twittering and one for business-to-business (B2B) related tweeting. This B2B Twitter stream can be used as a resource to communicate with other businesses and professionals in the same industry.

Twitter is a powerful tool for business owners to use to share ideas, conduct business, and network with other people. However, this power can be dangerous if the information shared is not secure or professional. Multiple twitter streams are an option that allows one to keep separate accounts for personal use versus business use. When used appropriately, multiple twitter streams can be beneficial for both individuals and businesses.

It seems like there is a perpetual argument regarding Twitter streams, including how many you should have and what you should do with them. Most people consider Twitter to be a personal means of communication for their own social involvement; yet, in recent years, it has developed as a highly strong marketing tool that can be used to investigate niches and leverage consumer interaction to have an influence on business-to-business connections.

What is a Twitter Stream, and how does it work?

A Twitter stream is a timeline maintained by a Twitter user. Individuals who use Twitter typically create one stream in their own name, but it is becoming increasingly usual to create two streams, one in your own name and one in the name of your company or brand, according to Twitter. The reason for this is because tweeters do not want to see an excessive number of business-related tweets in their personal Twitter feed.

As Twitter matures, business users are realizing that, in order to effectively segment their consumer base, they want Twitter streams that are relevant to each group. For example, talking about hobbies with women requires a whole different approach than talking about interests with males. Twitter streams are distinguished by their content and tone, so if you are tweeting to a range of audiences, it is advisable to create several streams for each one.

An Excellent Example of the Use of Multiple Twitter Streams

Consider the case of a pharmaceutical corporation. They are primarily focused on business-to-business transactions, but in order to aid in the development of their firm, they will need to understand consumer demand.

Should they therefore limit themselves to a single company Twitter account? I'm inclined to answer no in this case. They each have extremely diverse audiences, and each would need a different approach when communicating with them. Among those who utilize their goods are physicians and pharmacists, who resell them. These professionals are interested in every aspect of the product, from its cost and performance to the way it is distributed and marketed.

Consumers, also known as end users, are on the opposite side of the spectrum. They'll be interested in learning more about the applications of the product that is going to be prescribed to them. Is it effective? Will I be able to function better? They are interested in hearing about other users' experiences with the product and whether they would suggest it.

In addition, the first audience, which consists of doctors and pharmacists, will want to know if the products are desired by the consumers to whom they are recommending them, so it makes sense for the manufacturer to listen in on end users and engage with them in order to raise awareness and drive demand.

Prepare Your Twitter Strategy by Considering the Following:

After that, the question becomes, if you have different product lines, do you have a separate Twitter account for each one? For example, do you have a feed that engages youngsters on skin concerns, a feed that engages menopausal ladies, and a feed that engages males with hair loss?

As a research tool and a direct means of communicating with a specialized market, Twitter is a terrific tool for business users. However, before you even consider using Twitter, you need to think hard about the audiences you want to interact with.

Business Twittering necessitates the development of a plan that is consistent with your whole social media marketing approach.