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Perfecting the Timing of Your PPC Campaign

Perfecting the Timing of Your PPC Campaign

Perfecting the Timing of Your PPC CampaignPPC, or paid search advertising, is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. It can be difficult, however, to determine the best time to run a campaign so that it is successful. Here are some tips on how to perfect the timing of your PPC campaigns.

The best times for running PPC campaigns are typically around 10pm-12am and again at 2pm-4pm during weekdays.

An often overlooked part of a successful pay-per-click campaign is figuring out the most optimal time to spend money on advertising. In the same way that you wouldn’t go grocery shopping at 2pm on a Wednesday, you also don’t want to be spending your marketing budget when there are fewer people searching for your services or products.

The amount of time and effort you devote to optimizing your campaign can make or break your PPC strategy. This article will discuss how to go about maximizing the effectiveness of your campaign by perfecting the timing.

A successful PPC campaign takes a lot of work, but it is important to remember that there are many nuances that also need to be taken care of, such as optimizing the timing. A successful strategy takes careful consideration and thoughtful decision-making.

I can assure you that when it comes to PPC advertising, time is one of the most important characteristics to have on your side.

Having the most gorgeous advertisement with the most compelling ad content is one thing; but, when the advertisement is for a Halloween business, and it is November 1st, well, you know what happens. Unfortunately, my buddy, you've just missed the boat (at least for another year).

The nicest thing about pay-per-click advertising, however, is that once you have your ad developed and know when it has to be shown, the time between submitting the ad and it's becoming live is minimal.

Even with straightforward advertisements, though, there are a few minor considerations to keep in mind, which I will discuss with You.

Okay, most individuals get their paychecks in the middle of the month and at the end of the month. A large portion of the money they get at the end of the month is used to pay bills and rent, among other things.

Therefore, the time of month (no pun intended) that You are striving for is the center of attention. This is often the time of year when people go to clubs, purchase new clothing and shoes, and are generally on the lookout for anything new to get into their hands.
Another thing to keep in mind regarding time over the week is that, depending on what you're selling, various days are better than others for you to market your business.

Here's a rundown of what I'm selling and when I'm selling it.


This is the day when folks have just gotten over their hangovers and the weekend blues are beginning to set in for them.

If You've got a new life-changing self-help book, a 12-step smoking cessation program, or any other product that can help people alter their lives, now is the day to launch your marketing campaign.

Actually, staying up late on Sunday night would be ideal, since Monday morning is the most productive time.


As individuals have already completed a full day of work, a day of “normalcy,” and a decent night's sleep, Tuesday is the day they begin to recoup from their weekend.

This indicates that if you have consumer items, now is the time to start promoting them to your customers.

Also, if you have a weekend event that you'd want to publicize, now is the day to do so since preparations for the weekend are already being made, today is the day to do so.


People have now gotten into the flow of things completely. Planned weekend activities include shopping for supplies and hosting pub nights throughout the week. This is very much a free-for-all, regardless of what you've got on hand. Running the advertisement today will be a blast… or should we say a'storm'?


Almost exactly the same as Wednesday, except now there is a decrease in the desire to purchase self-help items as individuals get back into their normal routine and feel that everything is ‘groovy' once more.


Sales are expected to be down across the board, but if you have special V.I.P. passes to clubs or concerts, or 50 percent discount meals at restaurant chains around the city, now is the day to take advantage of them!


The same criteria apply as on Friday, although sales of passes will be lower on Saturday since people's plans are generally a bit more firm on Saturday.

They do this because, in the majority of situations, they will be going out with the same individuals they were with on Friday, and since this is the case, they have already discussed their plans in person and had them “nailed down.”


Today is a day to unwind.

The majority of folks are exhausted after the weekend and are just conducting minimal browsing on Sundays. When it comes to spas or other soothing activities (maybe a night at the opera?) , today is the best day to have Your advertisement running.

Given how much of the ‘OMG I spent that much?!' debate will be taking place today, it isn't the greatest day to promote consumer deals and discounts.