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They Might Come If You Build It Right

They Might Come If You Build It Right

They Might Come If You Build It RightIf you recall the movie Field of Dreams, there is a statement that goes something like this: “If you create it, they will come.” This process is used by many firms to improve their business model. I can't tell you how many times I've come across this erroneous phrase while dealing with customers who need web hosting or web design. They reason as follows: “I've created a website for myself.

Customers will begin to purchase my merchandise. I'm looking forward to when the orders begin to arrive.” They call a few months later to complain that it isn't functioning and that there must be something wrong with it. When I ask them what they have done to attract clients, they often have no idea what to respond, since they have never considered that strategy before.

If we take a time to consider the build and wait strategy, we will quickly see the flaw in this approach. In contrast to a physical store, where people are constantly driving or strolling by, online companies must find a strategy to drive traffic and customers to their website. In this post, we will go over a few strategies that may be used to attract more visitors to your website.

Search Engines (sometimes known as search engines) are programs that allow you to find information on the internet.

Most of the time, getting your website listed in search engines is an excellent place to start. Paid search engine placement and organic search engine results are the two methods for getting your website featured in the search engines. Based on your sector and online competition, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising may be a very affordable or very costly method of bringing people to your website. If the cost per click begins to rise, proceed with caution, as you might wind up spending a lot of money and not be able to repay those expenses via sales.

Getting into the search engines themselves is a whole other effort, which will be covered in another post. There are several websites and papers that describe the procedure that must be followed.


It is essential and vital to engage in some kind of advertising in order to get clients. “I can't afford to pay for advertising,” I'm told on a regular basis. The best answer I can give is, “How can you afford not to?” As the owner of a small company myself, I understand how scary the prospect of advertising may be. However, there are a few advertising tactics that involve little or no expenditure, which I will explore more below.

-Send a direct mail piece

For a very low cost, there are several firms that provide postcard printing and mailing services to small businesses. The idea now is to send mailings just to individuals who are interested in what you have to say, and to avoid sending them to those who aren't. This will increase the likelihood of success while also lowering the cost of your mailing.

-Publicity in the press

Getting an article written about you in your local media source might be a terrific strategy to attract some new local clients. These local tales are well-liked by several news organizations. Prepare a press statement and follow it up with a personal phone call to the reporter who is often assigned to these sorts of articles to demonstrate your commitment.

-Assemble a Sales Force

Now, the sales staff I'm referring about isn't the one that sits in an office all day and makes cold calls to potential customers. Instead of spending money on advertising, ask your friends, acquaintances, and family to “sell” your goods on your behalf. Offer a generous commission if they help you make a sale, and you'll find yourself with others who will do the legwork for you. A positive side effect of this is that you have a large number of individuals spreading the word about your company.

-Forums and bulletin boards

Get out there on the message boards and engage in conversation. Make nice articles and include a link to your website in your signature. Genuineness in your posts is preferable to posting only to have your signature displayed, since the latter is not recommended.

Exceptional Customer Service

If you give an exceptional product and good service, the clients you have already acquired will assist spread the word about your company's excellence. To reiterate, not only must you provide excellent customer service, you must also provide next-level service. Normally, they would not get this kind of service. A consumer who is pleased with your product or service is precious.

To summarize everything,

As previously said, the elements described in this post are by no means the only things that will work, nor will they be a sure strategy of achieving success. Customers will come to your site as a result of a concentrated effort of these approaches. If you put in the effort, maintain your concentration, and remain on the cutting edge, you may get an advantage over your competitors and achieve success.