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Using Blog Commenting To Get More Visitors To Your Website

Blog CommentingBeing active in the world of blogs can sometimes be a good way for you to introduce your own blog to the general public. You can think of the blogging world as one very large social networking platform. If you have your own blog, you can allow others to leave comments on your blog. In the same way, leave comments on other people's blogs.

To get more traffic from search engines, many people go out of their way to leave as many comments as they can on other blogs that are in their general niche category. Of course, when they leave their comments, they also leave a link to their website. For the most part, this practice is fairly well accepted but some people take it too far.

One thing that you don't want to be accused of is spamming blogs. You need to go easy when you are leaving comments on other people's blogs and make sure you have permission to leave your comment.

Once you are sure that you do have permission to leave a comment, make sure that whatever you write on someone else's blog has been well thought out and does not come across as being spamming. You also want to make sure that your comment is relevant to the conversation that is going on within the blog.

One of the nice things about blog commenting is the fact that once your comment has been accepted, your comment will stay on that blog page for ever. That means you could leave a blog comment today that includes a link back to your website, and then someone might find that page 5 years from now and click on your link. For this reason, many webmasters make it a point to leave as many comments as they can on as many blogs as they can find.

Other than people directly clicking on the links in the comments you leave on other people's blogs, you can also get more visitors to your website due to the search engine optimization factors that involve leaving blog comments. You see, since you will be leaving a link back to your website on someone else's blog, there is a good chance that that link count towards the overall credibility of your website and give you a better search engine ranking.

The main thing to remember with blog commenting is that it is all too easy to step out of bounds and go too far. You don't want to be that person who is being contacted by another blog owner and insisting that you stop bothering them and filling up their blog with a bunch of nonsense. Just don't be that guy!