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Why Email Marketing Should Be A Top Business Priority

Why Email Marketing Should Be a Top Business Priority

Why Email Marketing Should Be A Top Business PriorityPeople have a tendency to believe that email marketing does not get the same amount of attention as social media.

Failure to utilize email marketing as a business tool is a common mistake amongst entrepreneurs. Email provides the opportunity for businesses to reach out to their customers on a one-to-one basis, resulting in increased engagement and loyalty. This type of personal interaction provides customers with the opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns via email collaboration.

Email marketing is a proven marketing medium that can help grow businesses by generating leads, building relationships with customers, and driving revenue. In a recent survey, 92% of marketers said they use email to nurture their relationship with customers. Nearly 3/4ths of those surveyed said email was the most effective way to nurture customer relationships.

Email marketing is a must-have for any business with an e-commerce site. Even with the rise of social media, email allows businesses to market directly to their audience with an authentic voice that doesn't have to compete against other content. It's also one of the only communication channels that allows both sides to have a conversation in real time.

The key benefit of email marketing is its unmatched ROI.

Email marketing has been around for many years, but the increase in smartphone usage and social media has allowed it to grow significantly. In fact, email is responsible for generating a whopping $38 billion in revenue annually! This is mainly because email marketing’s high return on investment (ROI) has made it a viable and effective marketing strategy.

Email marketing is not only the most cost-effective form of digital marketing, but it also has the highest ROI.

Email marketing is a fast-growing channel for brands because it's a cost-effective and efficient form of communication. One key benefit of email marketing is its unmatched ROI. Email marketing has the highest ROI of any channel, with a 3,900% average return on investment, compared to a measly 22% for direct mail.

Most people are unaware that it has proven to be one of the most successful direct methods of raising a company's revenue. Here are several examples that demonstrate this point:

1. The Use of Email With more than 3.2 billion email accounts in the globe today, 95 percent of the world's population has direct access to the Internet, and 91 percent check their emails at least once a day, according to the International Telecommunications Union. Email has become a necessary part of our everyday lives, and no one can imagine a time when they will not be using it.

2. Come to a conclusion. The concept of reach in email is very different from the concept of reach in social media. When it comes to social media, reach refers to the amount of people who have seen your message, such as your followers and likes. When it comes to email, reach is measured by whether the recipient has opened it. According to research, 18 percent of emails are banned, while 4 percent are routed to the garbage or spam bin. When it comes to Facebook, 74 percent of the messages are not received. As a result, email has proven to be more dependable.

3. The length of one's life Facebook postings have a lifespan of around 2 hours on average, but a tweet has a lifespan of about 5 minutes. An email, on the other hand, remains in your inbox, and even if you wish to remove it, you must do an extra step.

The fourth point is the return on investment. According to the Email Marketing Benchmark Report from 2013, 60 percent of marketers believe that email marketing generates a return on investment. The usual return on investment for email marketing is $44.24 for every dollar spent.

5. Business Intelligence and Analytics Email has established reliable measurements that have been the industry standard for many years. Open rates, unsubscribes, and growth can all be measured in the same way that sales and earnings are. If you follow a simple method, you can figure out how valuable your email subscribers are.

6. Engagement is number six. Email and engagement aren't frequently spoken together in the same phrase, but they should be. Emails, on the other hand, are wonderful interaction tools that can be used in both directions. It is recommended that you should not send emails using a no-reply address. Take care to ensure that your consumers can contact with you in a simple and convenient manner.

7. Integration is number seven. The nicest aspect is that social media and email have become good friends over the years. There are several services that enable you to distribute your email messages to different social networks. This relationship is very beneficial for company development and the establishment of cross-platform initiatives, amongst other things.

8. Promotional materials Around 77 percent of individuals prefer to get promotional information through email, with just 4 percent preferring to receive it via social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is regarded as a social networking site where people may make new connections and engage with their family and friends. Emails are seen differently than other forms of communication, mostly because of their privacy and ease. According to a recent poll, 70% of those who got promotional emails said they had taken advantage of the discounts and promotional vouchers they had received.

9. The ability to move about. According to Litmus, 66 percent of Gmail inboxes are accessed using mobile devices. A significant portion of transactions will be completed online, with mobile email accounting for 13 percent of total transactions. Smart marketers have figured out how to embrace email and use it to open up a whole new channel of communication for their goods.

In conclusion, many businesses are rightfully worried about the future of email marketing, but there is no need to fret.

Email marketing campaigns are still a viable way to reach out to customers, deliver valuable offers, and upsell your products.

It may be time for some companies to develop a focused strategy in this area, in order to keep in touch with their customer base in the face of new technology.

Personalization (number 10) E-mail offers the ability to distribute promotional information to hundreds of individuals at the same time, while yet preserving the highest levels of personalization and customization.

Finally, email marketing has shown to be a valuable networking medium that may genuinely assist you in establishing a valuable connection between you and your subscriber (or subscribers).